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We, Jinwoong Industrial Co,LTD., have been engaged consistently in producing dyestuffs for leather- processing, Enjoying a wide reputation for the excellent quality of the goods as well as a specialty maker of dyestuffs for Leather only at home and abroad alike ever since the establishment in 1980.

We have tried our utmost to steadily provide the high-class dyestuffs to our customers, since we are well aware that leather production requires complicated processes as well as field experience and refined sensibilities to be accumulated with business practice for a long time based on hight-technology. From the very beginning of the structural design for researching & developing any new dyestuff, we never fail to commence studying how many contributions does it make to producing leather of good quality.


We are sufficiently testing the new developed dyestuff every time in our institute laboratory prior to introduction or sales promotion to customers in order to assure of the effects and the existence or non-existence of harmful materials according to international regulation standards and testing methods, and thereby the fresh product becomes known to customers only after proof positive of its effect.


We always do our best to adopt customers' criticism & comments and requirements to be reflected in our R & D scheme for developing new items, as our final goal is not just to sell our products to our customers but to meet their various kinds of needs for making good leather. All our customers have no hesitation in appraising every LECOTAN (our brandname) dyestuff for the excellency of general quality points such as coloring and properties which are essential to hight-class leather dyestuff and for the consistent quality stability without any lot difference as well, with the fact which demonstrates that our constant efforts to be the world-wide top maker of leather dyestuff are being visibly fruitful.


Welcome to JinWoong! I am JongWoong Kim, the founder of JinWoong Industrial Co.,Ltd. I have engaged in the field of leather dyestuff almost a half century long. First of all, I sincerely appreciate your visiting our homepage which was made to help customers and guests of partner firms to know about our company.


However we think that there may be something insufficient in both form and substance despite of our efforts in our way. Anyhow, we hope that your visiting this homepage can be a good chance for you to be familiar with our company to some extent. Our company has continuously grown to become the world's top-class maker of leather dyestuffs in quality even not in size as a unique specialty to consistently produce dyestuffs for leather only since its establishment.


In other words, we exclusively research, develop and produce to supply dyestuffs for leather only to our customers. And moreover, we obtained ISO 9001 certificate and ISO 14001 certificate in 1997 and in 1999 respectively from Lloyd's Register Assurance Limited of U. K., so that JinWoong has grown into a globally recognized and standard company to conduct quality-management and environment-friendly one. Based on such a growth, we have ceaselessly striven to achieve the world's top position in leather-dyestuff industry.


Therefore, I would like hereby to have your kindly continuous concern and patronage enough to support us henceforth as in the past so that we may surely become your true and reliable partner, for which we will of    course do our best. Wishing you success and your business prosperous, Thank you very much.

Jong Woong Kim



I will be global no 1 in leather

Dyestuffs for Leather.

It paints the world in

more beautiful colors.



Originality . Development
Union . Cooperation
Moving Forward, Prosperity


HQ, Institute & Factory

No.35, Booheung-no 882, Gwangjok, Yangju, Gyonggi, 11417, Korea  /  Tel : + 82-31-837-6005  /  Fax : + 82-31-837-6006

China Branch Company (1st Factory)

No.3988, Beiqing road, Huaxin-zhen, Qingpu-qu, Shanghai, 201705, China  /  Tel : + 86-21-5977-0520  /  Fax : + 86-21-5977-0947

China Branch Company (2st Factory)

No.299, Linbao road, Tinglin-zhen, Jinshan-qu, Shanghai, 201505, China  /  Tel : + 86-21-5723-1166  /  Fax : + 86-21-6723-1388

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