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We Jinwoong Industrial Co.,Ltd., have been engaged consistently in producing dyestuffs for leather-processing, enjoying a wide reputation for the excellent quality of the goods as well as a specialty maker of dyestuffs for leather only at home and abroad alike ever since the establishment in 1980.

The Jinwoong general institute was established to research and develop ideal dyestuffs for leather. From the viewpoint of a R&D center dedicated to developing dyestuffs for leather only, it is not too much to say that our institute is likely unique in its kind all over the world.


It synthesizes dyestuffs in its laboratory , performs dyeing to test various kinds of fastness, analyzes harmful substances and make other physical & chemical inspections and tests, and thus verifies the quality of every developed dyestuff. Researchers engaged in R&D activities for leather dyestuffs for more than 10 years devote themselves to developing environment-friendly dyestuffs from the initial stage, and when synthesizing is completed, they inspect whether the dyestuffs contain any of 20 kinds of harmful substances on the MAK LIST or not.


All dyestuffs developed by our institute are now being produced at our plant. The researchers are very proud of the facts that the products developed and produced thanks to their R&D efforts are spotlighted in the global leather dyestuff market. Also in the case of any technical problem in the process of leather dyeing, irrespective of whatever it may be, and wherever it may occur, at home or overseas, the technical service team of our institute visits the location to resolve it with appropriate recipe if necessary.


Hereafter, the Jinwoong general institute, based on its accumulated expertise, experience and R&D power, etc. will fulfill its responsibilities and role in pushing Jinwoong forward to secure its firm position as a leading company in the world leather-dyestuff market.





Synthesis & Analysis

Research Department

Whenever we plan to develop any new dyestuff, we take our customers' position into account and strive to reflect their needs in the synthesis research. To determine and push ahead with research themes according to the latest technologies, we make every effort in R&D in conjunction with a leading university in Seoul as a part of industrial-academic joint research, and to that end, we have recently invested about 5% of our annual sales amount in R&D projects.

Application Test and Technology Support

We carry out comprehensive quality assessment of dyestuffs produced by us at every stage by testing our synthesized and final products. In particular, in inspecting harmful substances at every stage, we thoroughly analyze the 20 arylamines on the MAK LIST with the latest analysis instruments such as spectrometry, gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography, etc.

Application Research

Development Deprtment

Application Research Development

We have numerous latest model of test instruments such as weather-o-meter, laundrometer and abraison & rubbing fastness testers to conduct general tests such as for sunlight, washing, abrasion, sweat, acid and alkali fastness etc. in accordance with international standards and test methods. And furthermore, we also conduct other necessary tests that tell about the relations between leather and dyestuffs like PVC migration. Our products never be supplied to customers without all such comprehensive testings and verification.

Application Test and Technology Support

Our institute have all necessary facilities to conduct pilot tests and mass-production tests so far as leather dyeing concerned. And our technical experts of the department can always carry out joint work with our customers' engineers on request to provide proper recipes as they want.

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